Is Female Empowerment Still Needed?

Women are change-makers, caregivers, leaders, and peace-makers. But while they have an empowered role in society, they continue to struggle with the unequal opportunities thrown at them to succeed in any sphere. Hence, women empowerment (or female empowerment) acts as an indispensable tool to advance development, contribute to communities, and allow women-
identifying beings to embrace their individualities, and form an improved perspective for future generations.

What Is Women’s Empowerment?

In the books, women’s empowerment refers to the activities that help promote the self-worthiness of women and give them the chances they were previously denied.

But, women’s empowerment can mean different to different individuals. For some, it is sheer freedom of expression, while for others, it is about learning how to fly with their own wings.

It is a feeling with no constraints, to exercise own choices, be fearless, and realize that every voice deserves to be heard.

What Is The Progress Till Date?

The battle for equal rights is centuries old. Women are continually fighting over the stigma attached to their social, sexual, workplace, political, and religious rights.

They have traveled a long way in terms of women’s empowerment. Yet, true freedom and inclusivity remain to be like a distant dream. Not only are women grappling with new-world challenges, but they are also stuck with stereotypes and discriminatory social dynamics.

Gender-based violence, economic disparity, reproductive health bias, lack of education and healthcare, and disregarding their sexual desires are issues that remain pervasive throughout the world. In the past few years, these issues have led women to advocate for their rights and reach the status they deserve.

Thousands of women are now mobilizing the movement at an incredible pace. They are taking up historic leadership positions and bringing about social changes. They are campaigning for gender equality, in fact, aiming for a greater mission, i.e., female supremacy.

Step by step, women are overcoming every obstacle to social, emotional, and financial freedom.

Do We Still Need to Advocate for Women’s Empowerment?

Despite all the momentum in creating a matriarchal society, patriarchy exists at a massive level. But with the rise of the digital age, different social media platforms emerge as crucial tools to encourage all sects of society to fight against injustice.

There are movements online and offline around the world inspiring females to take charge and turn the patriarchy-centric ideologies around. Even a single woman’s voice is louder than ever.

Indeed, there has been a paradigm shift in people’s attitudes towards women. The ride forward remains bumpy, but the ink isn’t dry, and change can still be written. More and more women are coming forward to participate and make the uncomfortable comfortable.

At Fusion Movement, we are determined to hold back the detrimental effects the male-dominated society has been causing all these years. As long as discrimination against women exists, it will be necessary to continue fighting for women’s empowerment.

Fusion Movement works to take women’s empowerment to the next level. It functions with the vision to stand up for the divine and sacred feminine energy. Visit the Fusion Movement website today to learn more.



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